Take the 21-day challenge to better diabetes management.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle can be intimidating and overwhelming; believing that drastic changes must be made all at once usually leads to avoidance of change. You can feel scared to fail or assume you’ll live a boring lifestyle.

“Slicing it smaller” is a psychological philosophy that helps change seem more achievable and long-lasting. It has been shown to help motivate people with type 2 diabetes to embark on their transformational journey, just like Yves.

Over the next few weeks you’ll receive some “Diabetips”. “Diabetips” are small, health lifestyle tips to help people with type 2 diabetes make incremental, achievable changes in their daily lives. The Diabetips will cover many different aspects of your health.

Get 3 tips a week, for 7 weeks. By implementing one tip per day to complete this 21-day challenge, you’ll make small steps to better diabetes management.

Get inspired and start with these first steps.

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