Managing diabetes, smarter. Test, track and share more easily to gain a better understanding of your blood glucose patterns.All in one convenient place — your smartphone*


  • No handwritten glucose diary needed
  • Get alerts when test results are critically high or low
  • Set reminders for when your next test is due
  • Discover insights on your blood glucose patterns
  • Share results directly with your doctor or pharmacist
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Why use the CONTOUR®DIABETES app?

The CONTOUR®Diabetes app was designed to offer help and guidance to people living with diabetes. Learn how to navigate the app for your day-to-day use.*

Consistent Colored Target Range Indicators

Consistent Colored Target Range Indicators

The app automatically synchronizes results from the CONTOUR®NEXT GEN and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters and uses the same smartLIGHT colour indicators to help you track your blood glucose.

Be alerted when your blood glucose levels are at a critical high or critical low level and set reminders to help get you back on track.**

Sharing Reports with Your Healthcare Professional

Sharing Reports with Your Healthcare Professional

You have the ability to send your blood glucose results to your healthcare professional in advance of your appointment, or even on the day of your appointment.

You can share:

✔ Blood Sugar Report
✔ Blood Sugar Diary
✔ CSV Data File

Submit via email or export and submit online. Convenience at your fingertips.

Test Reminder Plans

Test Reminder Plans

Test Reminder Plans give you a chance to learn how different food and activities affect your blood glucose readings. A variety of different plans help you test at optimal times to get results that are useful to you and your healthcare professional.

✔ Choose the plan right for you
✔ Set optimal dates and times
✔ Track specific events
✔ Gain useful insights for both you and your healthcare professional

My Patterns

My Patterns

Receive personalized testing schedules based around your daily activities and diabetes management plan. My Patterns can detect a variety of different patterns in your blood glucose readings and may help you identify the possible causes behind them.

✔ See recent highs or lows
✔ Set reminders to stay on track
✔ View your pattern history
✔ Add or edit notes as needed

Getting Started

Follow these steps to start enjoying the benefits of your CONTOUR®DIABETES app connected meter.


1. Downloading the App

Get the CONTOUR®DIABETES app for your smartphone or tablet.* It’s easy to download and completely free.

Creating Account

2. Creating an Account

Create an CONTOUR®CLOUD account to view data from multiple meters on multiple devices through the app and more.

Pairing Meter

3. Pairing Your Meter with the App

Pair one or multiple meters with the CONTOUR®DIABETES app.

How to set up your CONTOUR®DIABETES app.

Works With


CONTOUR®NEXT GEN blood glucose meter


CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose meter


Do you have questions concerning the CONTOUR®DIABETES app? Have a look at our FAQs here.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Always consult a healthcare professional before making lifestyle changes. Do not change your diabetes management plan unless in consultation with your health care provider.

*On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a list of compatible operating systems, please visit

**Always consult your healthcare provider prior to making changes to your target ranges

1. Fisher W et al. User Experience With the Information–Motivation–Behavioral Skills (IMB)–Based CONTOUR®NEXT ONE Smart Meter and App System. Poster presented at the 78th Scientific Session of the American Diabetes Association (ADA); June 22-26, 2018; Orlando, Florida.
2. Fisher W, et al. Poster presented at the 12th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments For Diabetes (ATTD); February 20-23, 2019; Berlin, Germany.

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