Accurate, actionable insights
to enhance your diabetes
management plan



CONTOUR® and HealthTab: better tools for better diabetes management

HealthTab and CONTOUR® are empowering you and your pharmacist – with the latest tools – to help guide diabetes management decisions.

HealthTab gives you access to a full range of rapid tests, including key health markers like A1C and cholesterol. With testing and analysis done at your local pharmacy, in minutes, there’s no more waiting for lab results.

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Exclusive benefits for CONTOUR® users

With the use of a CONTOUR®NEXT GEN or CONTOUR®NEXT ONE, your daily meter readings link directly into the HealthTab secure platform* – providing an accurate, in-depth view of your blood glucose levels – information that you and your pharmacist can use to make meaningful changes to your diabetes management plan.**

*The linking of the blood glucose meter data to the HealthTab platform is exclusive to CONTOUR®NEXT GEN and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters. You must be using the CONTOUR®Diabetes app to have your meter readings visible in the HealthTab dashboard.
**CONTOUR® does not provide the A1C and cholesterol test results.


Accurate results, in seconds

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What your diabetes management plan may be missing

In addition to A1C testing, your daily blood glucose levels are an essential component of a comprehensive diabetes management plan.

Fluctuations in your daily levels can increase your risk of serious complications, such as cardiovascular disease and eye damage.

Without access to data about your potential daily fluctuations, your pharmacist is missing an important piece of the overall picture of your short and long-term health.



Get the full range of exclusive benefits



Key health markers

Access to tests including A1C, blood glucose test results, and cholesterol


Powerful insights

Results and analysis are uploaded to a personal health dashboard that empowers you to identify potential areas for improvement, lets you set blood glucose targets and other goals, and tracks your progress.


Fast and convenient results

The average HealthTab analysis takes under ten minutes. Get your results on-the-spot at your local pharmacy.


Accurate results

HealthTab and the CONTOUR®NEXT family of meters offer highly accurate results, so you can be confident you’re getting information you can trust.


Safe and secure

HealthTab and the CONTOUR®DIABETES app* web-based platforms are designed with your data safety and security in mind.

*Meter readings must be uploaded to the CONTOUR®DIABETES app in order to be linked with the HealthTab system.

Setting up your HealthTab account and linking your CONTOUR® blood glucose readings

It’s fast, easy – and free!

  1. contour_diabetes_app_logo Download the FREE CONTOUR®DIABETES app at google_play_logoapple_store_logo to set up your account and pair your meter.

  2. Set up your HealthTab account in pharmacy or by visiting

  3. In the HealthTab Dashboard, select Connected Devices from the top right menu to link your CONTOUR® meter results.

The linking of the meter data to the HealthTab platform is exclusive to CONTOUR®NEXT GEN and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters. You must be using the CONTOUR®DIABETES app to have your meter readings visible in the HealthTab dashboard.


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