An easy and quick way to share your blood glucose results with your healthcare professional.

Your virtual diabetes glucose management

  • All your patients information on an easy-to understand dashboard
  • Invite your patients online & counsel patients remotely or in person
  • Consistent colour coding across the fully connected platforms

Your shared data is seamlessly accessible to healthcare professionals. After initial setup, no further action is needed. GlucoContro automatically syncs with connected meters and the CONTOUR® DIABETES app.

Connected blood glucose meters

Connected blood glucose meters
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Learn more about from your healthcare professional.

Getting started


Go to your app store and download the free CONTOUR®DIABETES app now.

If you already have the CONTOUR®DIABETES app, please go to STEP 4.


Pair your compatible CONTOUR® meter



Learn more from your healthcare professional.

Once you talk to your healthcare professional, they can email you an invite with a link to register on

Click on the link in the e-mail invitation from your healthcare professional.

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Log in with your CONTOUR®DIABETES app username and password.

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Add your information and submit

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Congratulations, your data is now accessible to your healthcare professionals via

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Healthcare Professionals

Connect with your patients' data remotely*. To assist with diabetes management, invite your patients to share their blood glucose results.

Easy access to all patient information: Available on one screen with a single click.


A secure environment

for your patients to share information with you


Fast and easy access


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Personalized information about each registered patient

(target ranges, time frames)

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Generate reports

Including AGP report**, PDF, print)

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Quick data summary

traffic light color coded charts

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General statistics

Panel with general statistics and complete list of registered patients

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Download results
from CONTOUR® meters

without system administrator permissions

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Quick Reference Guide

**On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a list of compatible devices, please visit

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