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Blood glucose meter readings may be
further from lab results than you think.

Industry standards have an acceptable error range of ±15%* between the meter reading and the lab reading on the same blood sample.

This means that your blood glucose meter reading could actually be 15% higher or 15% lower than the true value of the glucose in your blood.

CONTOUR® NEXT meters go above the industry standard by providing blood glucose readings that are within ±10% of the lab reading. This means that the reading you get from CONTOUR® NEXT meters will be closer to the lab results.

Why is accuracy important?


Accurate readings can help you make the right decisions when they matter most.

You depend on your meter to help you make important decisions with respect to blood glucose management. For example, you might rely on your meter to:

  • Allow you to make more accurate insulin dosing decisions
  • Tell you if your blood glucose is too low (hypoglycemia), too high (hyperglycemia) or just right
  • Help you make decisions about your food, activity and medications

To have confidence that you are making the right decisions based on accurate readings, you need the values on your meter to reflect your actual blood glucose as closely as possible. A reading that is off by 15% vs. a reading that is off by only 10% could mean that you inject too much insulin or eat too little carbohydrates, which could put you at risk for a hypoglycemic episode.

Highly accurate readings, such as those provided by the CONTOUR® NEXT meters, can help you make the right decisions when they matter most.

Accuracy you can trust


  • Highly accurate blood glucose readings that are within ±10% of the lab reading
  • Second-Chance® sampling lets you apply more blood to the same strip if you didn’t get enough the first time, helping to prevent wasted strips without compromising accuracy
  • Fast, 5-second countdown with small sample size –0.6 µL
Second Chance Sampling

Learn more about second-chance® sampling


Second-Chance® sampling lets you apply more blood to the same strip if you didn’t get enough the first time, helping to prevent wasted strips.

No Coding

Learn more about No Coding


Coding is an adjustment made to the meter's electronic system to make sure the meter matches the blood glucose test strips and to ensure an accurate reading for every test.

All CONTOUR® meters feature the No Coding technology. This means they code automatically the second you insert the test strip. You don’t have to do any manual coding. No Coding technology helps ensure accurate readings, so you and your healthcare team can confidently make decisions and properly manage your diabetes.

How does your meter compare?

See how CONTOUR® meters compare to other blood-glucose meters.

Using CONTOUR® Next EZ

Three easy steps

CONTOUR® NEXT EZ blood glucose meter is easy to use straight out of the box:

  • Step #1
    Step 1
    Insert the grey end of a CONTOUR® NEXT test strip into the meter.
  • Step #2
    Step 2
    Lightly touch the test strip to the drop of blood and hold until the meter beeps.
  • Step #3
    Step 3
    The test result will display after a 5-second countdown. To turn the meter off, simply remove the test strip.

    Learn about Contour Next test strips

    CONTOUR® NEXT test strips can be used with CONTOUR® NEXT, CONTOUR® NEXT USB, CONTOUR® NEXT LINK and CONTOUR® NEXT EZ meters.

    CONTOUR® NEXT meters and test strip provide a powerful combination designed for remarkable accuracy.

    Learn more about CONTOUR® NEXT test strips
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All CONTOUR® meters come with a warranty that ranges from 5 years to a lifetime.


* Current regulation based on Health Canada recognized ISO 15197:2013 standard requires results within ±15% range, specifically: ≥95% of results must fall within ±0.83 mmol/L for blood glucose concentrations <5.6 mmol/L and within ±15% for blood glucose concentrations ≥5.6 mmol/L.
CONTOUR® NEXT EZ meter meets ±10% accuracy vs. laboratory method, specifically: 98.1% of results within ±10% for blood glucose concentrations ≥5.6 mmol/L, and 99.4% of results within ±0.56 mmol/L accuracy vs. laboratory method for blood glucose concentrations <5.6 mmol/L.