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Contour® Meter

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Simple and accurate testing for results that matter.

CONTOUR® meter offers simple and accurate testing plus two levels of features to help you more effectively manage your diabetes.

Basic: Insert a CONTOUR® test strip and test. Easy and accurate testing is that simple.

Advanced: Personalize your diabetes management. Track your test results based on your individual settings and get post-meal reminders at the time you want.

Meter Features
Meter Features

CONTOUR® Meter offers the following features:

  • No Coding technology: Test strips code the meter automatically for every test.
  • No interference with sugars known to cause false high results in some meters*
  • Easy-to-read display with large, clear numbers
  • Fast 5-second test time and small 0.6 µL blood sample

Advanced features to personalize diabetes management:

  • Individual setting of HI/LO targets decided by you and your healthcare professional
  • Pre-meal and post meal marking of test results
  • Reminder function for individually selected post-meal testing time
  • 30-day pre- and post-meal averages
  • Mark results as pre- or post-meal tests
  • 7-, 14- and 30-day averages

* No interference has been observed with CONTOUR® test strips tested with maltose and galactose concentrations up to 6.54 mmol/L and 12.43 mmol/L respectively. Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada Inc., data on file.

No Coding



Coding is an adjustment made to the meter's electronic system to make sure the meter matches the blood glucose test strips and to ensure an accurate reading for every test. Most meters require manual coding every time a new box of strips is used.

All CONTOUR® meters feature the No Coding technology. This means they code automatically the second you insert the test strip. You don’t have to do any manual coding. No Coding technology helps ensure accurate readings, so you and your healthcare team can confidently make decisions and properly manage your diabetes.



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Product Support

All CONTOUR® meters come with a warranty that ranges from 5 years to a lifetime.

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