Understanding Results

Now that you’ve learned all you can about controlling diabetes, you are probably wondering how exactly do I measure results, and how do they all tie in to give me a big picture of how well my diabetes is controlled?

Here are some of the most common tests you will be taking as you manage your diabetes:

  • Blood glucose testing: Monitoring blood glucose allows you to gauge how well your blood sugar is controlled and make adjustments to correct it.
  • A1C testing: This is done in a lab by a healthcare professional, and looks at your average blood glucose level over the last three to four months.
  • Ketone testing: This is done when you are ill or pregnant to ensure your body isn't burning fat instead of glucose.
  • Blood pressure measurement.
  • Other lab tests: Such as cholesterol testing, urine protein testing (albumin/creatinine ratio [ACR]) and kidney function testing. More information on specific tests.

How do all these numbers tie in?

Make sense of the numbers with GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE Diabetes Management Software. GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE tracks your blood glucose results over time and helps you identify patterns and trends. For example, there may be a certain time of the week (weekends, perhaps) that your blood glucose tends to be higher than normal. The GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE Diabetes Management Software can help pinpoint this so that you can make lifestyle adjustments to correct it.

If you are a ContourCare member you can download GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE here.